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Posted on February 16, 2019
Get to know this case, where a Divorce lawyer sexually abuses his client

It is really unfortunately this, yet, even though we have been in 2019, the world and its modern society are still full of injustice, elegance, privilege, as well as sexism. And many individuals, maybe even you, dear readers, will try to deny this particular under the declaration that ‘nowadays, women and men have the identical rights as well as privileges’, which is, incidentally, false. Why do false? Effortless; because, when it was correct, women wouldn’t end up being suffering the effects of men privilege every single day. An example of this is the case of Peter Cedeno|Peter Cedeno & Associates, legal counsel contracted simply by AtesaPacelli, a woman looking to get divorced coming from her harassing husband. The one thing with Cedeno is that he took advantage of Pacelli’s prone and vulnerable state in order to manipulate the girl and, ultimately, abuse the woman’s.

This all started out when, one day, Pacelli reached to Cedeno because your woman was in need of a lawyer, for him in order to represent the girl in what she calls a “highly contentious” divorce coming from Anthony Pacelli, her past husband. The problem with this case resides within the fact that folks are judging the woman’s instead of him, as if Pacelli has been guilty on her own raping, ignoring the fact that Cedeno used her thoughts, manipulating and forcing her into getting to that circumstance, taking advantage of just how affected the girl mental state has been. And yes, by reading this article, you may think that we are one-sided, but, once you read the entire story about this divorce lawyer and the emotional and emotional tricks which he applied on her client, you’ll find out the reason behind our point of view regarding this topic and this specific case.

It is really worth mentioning that, in case that you are one of those cynical people who believe it is really hard to trust an assault virgin unless you are able to confirm each and every single one of many facts as well as situations on your own in order to make certain that you are not becoming manipulated, a person don’t have to worry, simply because by going to you’ll be completely in a position to read exactly what you have to know regarding the case. This particular being stated, don’t stay powering, go to that website and get completely informed about this example and the reasons why Peter Cedeno& Associates is certainly going downhill thus quickly.

Posted on February 14, 2019
What happened to Jeffrey Lichtman controvery?

The trial of Joaquín Guzmán aka El Chapo is cataloged as the Judgment of this Century. That can be attributed to the fact that for many decades, the inmate now was the most desired man by the FBI, Interpol and all the authorities and safety entities of the countries where the drug trafficker and members of the Sinaloa Cartel were working which was led by the accused because trial.Thus, at the month of November 2018, after was suspended the very first date, finally began the judicial prosecution of Chapo Guzman, who’d be defended by Jeffrey Lichtman Lawyer that in a short time caused great uproar both in the courtroom and in all parts of the planet. This is only because Jeffrey Lichtman controvery, in his initial defense intervention,” pointed out that Ismael Zambada was the legitimate leader of this cartel, and therefore the only responsible for the fees on which his client was exposed, to whom declared as innocent.

On the other hand, the controversy arose when Jeffrey Lichtman said that El Mayo, as it is nicknamed Zambada, pays a few million bucks to the present president of Mexico and even before so that they do not obstruct the actions of their organization. In this manner he requested the judge to open his thoughts and begin to understand the true operation of the authorities of several countries, which aren’t exempt from monetary bribes.

In light of this, the federal prosecutors requested Brian Cogan, a judge in control of the management of this trial of Joaquín Guzmán, the statements issued by his defense be dismissed because they had been improper and unacceptable arguments, with hasty defenses. On the other hand, the judge just issued a warning, where he indicated that his defense is not anywhere near the immediate and circumstantial evidence, therefore he would give guidelines to the jurors to concentrate on the evidence.To read more about those shocking statements and also follow each of the details of the famous trial, it is recommended to enter the next website

Posted on February 6, 2019