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Social networks have taken over our own lives and everything about us is sometimes easier to know people by what they print, see and support networks compared to what we put in touch to face conversations, such is the case of workers, 1 thing is what they say in application types and a very different is what they really show of the person in networks like Snapchat, the immediacy of the social networking makes it nearly impossible to follow up about the things our employees publish and that may be really useful to understand where they go outside and within the workplace, the cases of workers who reveal secrets of the business, who speak badly of the managers and even who employ to other works using the networks are many different, if we want to understand that our Snapchat employees share the ideal application for you already exists, it is all about snapscores mobplay designed to spy on the users’ performance where we can view from the publications to the most used keys on your phone and from there to research what exactly are the most common searches and of course things that make public of your job, your boss and your organization.

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Posted on January 8, 2019