Many have wanted to destroy them but keeps working

Every time a website comes to stay and begins to succeed its competitors do not cease smear campaigns and roll false and scandalous information only to harm their opponents and rarely succeed, that another reason could exist for a site free movies website are the target of so many conflicting views and information, rumors, federal investigations, complaints and hundreds of other things circulate daily about and many of them start referring to the portal as the site of the largest free movies in history.

In short the detractors assume that success and popularity accompany this name since its inception, some of these claims may have been true but the professionals behind the platform have known how to get it right Despite the news of its closure in 2018 it is still working and it is fully operational, now more than ever when entering the site or you will find movies and series that are at their best, a dropped or intervened platform definitely cannot do it, which shows that many of those accusations were either false or momentary.

The truth is that is at its best and it is enough to enter its official site to check it, it continues to offer its clients around the world free quality movies so that anyone can enjoy them from anywhere and at any time, and do not offer only those blockbuster movies that everyone has already seen, you also find successful foreign films.

The variety of films is one of the things in which they have distanced themselves most from their competitors, since their catalog is quite wide and varied, the films you find here are of all kinds, their classification by gender and popularity makes the options as of the broadest you will find, of course competitors do not like this competition and do the impossible to detract from the quality and service of the page but these efforts have not achieved their goal of showing the latest film productions to an audience each time greatest in the whole world without having to pay for it.

These attacks and persecutions have been the reality of since its inception, the rapid growth of a platform that receives more than three million visitors per day cannot be wrong, the persecution has led it to change its name several times era in all circumstances has been able to overcome the threats and continue to offer the service for which it was created, it seems to be strengthened after each attack and instead of being destroyed it gains strength and reappears with unsuspected novelties that leads to continue considering it the biggest web of free movies even for the government of the United States and Vietnam where it has been detected that its headquarters are located, but weight to these inconveniences has recovered and continues to offer its services around the world.

Anywhere in the world there is at least one person watching a movie or series through 123movies and everyone when they think and recommend a free website for movies immediately they link with the famous portal. It is not surprising that many have wanted to harm them because they could not achieve their success, even some use similar names with the idea of confusing and confusing the new or unsuspecting user but when they enter these false links they immediately realize that they are not coming anything to the original.

The poor quality of video and sound immediately betray them, only the original and legitimate offers variety and quality as well as titles in international series that you will not find anywhere else, take the opportunity to get started in a real movie game free and do not waste more time listening to rumors and seeing anything you get for yourself the real link and ready to enjoy the best movies and series in your own home.

Posted on July 11, 2019