One way to have fun and be creative at the same time is by visit here Episode, the game that allows you to create your characters and your own stories

Create your own story and the environment that we like, is the dream of every gamer, now you can do it, how?, Is it true or I’m dreaming?, These are the questions you will be asking at this time, but I’ll tell you If it is possible, visit and enter the game levelshack Episode, from the Level hack house. It’s very simple, you just need a user, choose the platform, either for Android or for iOS, connect and start playing. A world of fun awaits you.

You just have to blow your imagination, if you want to be a famous chef like the Master Chef, you can be and create the best environment to present the dishes that you can think of, or if you prefer to be a fighter pilot and have a history of love in the middle of the war, you can also create it, you have no limits, you are the owner of the story, create incredible characters in spectacular environments, enjoy what you like the most, the online game.
Like some games, you need some special coins to create the characters and environments, these coins are the passes and gems, both are provided daily, as it is a free game, but if you run out and do not want to wait, you do not there is another option to buy them, do not enter in despair, we will give you some tricks to acquire gems and passes without sacrificing your wallet.
The passes are given to you daily, only a few, but you can get our Episode hack, levelshack and get the passes you need to continue with your story. The best part of this is that you will not have to spend a lot of money or time.
To get gems there is an option that is a bit slow, but not much, in the Episode forum you wait for codes of other players, if you are patient, this option works. But if you want to get those gems faster, we have an online generator, and since we have undetectable proxies, it’s 100% safe, just click here.
With our tricks, we will help you to have fun to the fullest, but if they are not enough, you can always buy passes and gems.

Posted on April 16, 2019