Software for Employee Satisfaction Survey

A successful company with a long history, it owes part of its achievement to its employees, because some statistics show that the better a worker feels, he/she yields much more and performs his / her tasks more effectively. For this reason, many companies implement revision software for each of their employees, some use it monthly, quarterly or annually to evaluate the performance of their employees. It is a practical way to know their skills and abilities, in addition, workers feel greater satisfaction when they are credited and valued their work within a company. Although there are many platforms for the Performance review template, only Teamphoria offers great benefits.

It is a performance management system Where workers will only take five Minutes to answer a survey. The Teamphoria system implements a survey based on a 10 + 2 that includes 10 questions determined by the most relevant information and components of the company and 2 questions that the respondent should supply. In this way, the software will take into consideration the personal data of every employee to enhance the system and evaluate additional factors.

This software will facilitate Communication among employees and help to elevate their full potential, continuously comparing their performance via the Employee Review Template. One of its greatest virtues is that administrators decide if every worker can print remaining anonymous or not within the company.

All outcomes are thrown into a Report and analysis panel where administrators can evaluate the performance of employees. With the help of this program, demanding analyzes offer you a high level of vision regarding the culture of the employees, in addition to knowing specifically the achievements and challenges of every one.

Be given either by the fundamental value, its time periods, by the impact or The type of decoration, but you could also export the results through charts based on Statistical data.

Posted on January 9, 2019